The difference between the quality of the sealing strip


Plastic sealing strip is currently steel, aluminum alloy, plastic doors and windows are commonly used to install the sealing material between the glass and the door and window frame. Rubber and plastic sealing strips are usually made of modified polyvinyl chloride materials.

The advantages and disadvantages of the seal performance, to a large extent, affect the air tightness of building doors and windows, water tightness, heat loss and other important performance indicators of doors and windows, as well as the firmness of doors and windows. To this end, the state has long formulated the GB12002-89 "plastic doors and windows with sealing strips" national standards. To standardize the production and inspection of sealing strips.
However, the quality and price of rubber seals for doors and windows in the current building materials market are very chaotic. The expensive 10,005 is 6,000 yuan per ton, while the cheap one is only 6,000 yuan per ton. The price difference is nearly 10,000 yuan, and the quality difference is very large, which makes people at a loss. Many sealing strip manufacturers claim that their products are in accordance with GB12002-89 national standards and can issue test reports that are qualified by authoritative institutions. According to our Xingtai CITIC Sealing Strip Co., Ltd.'s testing of rubber and plastic sealing strips from well-known manufacturers currently in use in the industry and sealing strip samples sent by relevant manufacturers, the results of the heating weightlessness index in its hot air aging performance project are surprising: none of the more than 10 samples is qualified.

According to the GB12002-89 standard, the heating weight loss index in the hot air aging performance item of the sealing strip shall be ≤ 3%. And the actual test results of heating weight loss: 7.17%~ 22.54%. It is far beyond the scope of national standards.

Such sealing strips are formulated with a large amount of low-boiling plasticizers or plasticizer substitutes. This kind of sealing strip is still very good in elasticity and softness when it is new. However, over time, when the plasticizer volatilizes more, the elasticity and softness of the sealing strip become worse, which will affect the sealing performance of doors and windows, and will also affect the firmness of doors and windows assembly.

In addition, the plasticizer content of the sealing strip is too high, in the use of the process, the plasticizer will also occur to the contact with the PVC profile migration phenomenon. Cause local coloring and swelling of the frame fan profile. That is, on the sealing surface of the profile in contact with the sealing strip, there is a dark color spot with different widths, which cannot be wiped or washed away, forming a strong contrast with the white profile body and greatly affecting the appearance. In the color track due to the migration of plasticizers, and local convex. (sliding doors and windows due to the sealing strip and profile contact part is not exposed, profile local coloring and swelling phenomenon, under normal circumstances can not be observed. and casement doors and windows in the open state, the sealing strip and the corresponding profile out of contact, profile local coloring and swelling phenomenon exposed.) Although the local coloring and swelling of the profiles will not cause the serious consequences of the failure of the frame and fan profiles, it seriously affects the appearance of the plastic doors and windows. After all, this is a defect, after all, it will cause extremely bad influence on the image of plastic doors and windows.
In order to maintain the image of plastic doors and windows, care for the healthy growth of this emerging industry, sealing strip manufacturers should produce actually truly qualified sealing strips, and plastic doors and windows assembly plants should choose truly qualified, high-quality sealing strips. Ensure the quality of plastic doors and windows.

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