How the performance of the silicone tube of the oxygen generator


Oxygen machine silicone tube is liquid, gas and other substances such as circulation and coating carrier. Silicone rubber tubes in the industry can be divided"Extruded tube" and "shaped tube strip". Widely used in modern industry and daily necessities. Oxygen machine silicone tube is to add raw silicone rubber into the two-roll mixer or closed kneading machine, and gradually add white carbon black and other additives, repeated refining uniform. Products are extruded according to industry technical standards. Conductive silicone rubber for the electronics industry.

Compared with some organic thermoplastics, the transparency of silicone can be said to be"Translucent". This is because the silicone elastomer used to make the hose is composed of silicone polymer and amorphous silica. Since the refractive indices of these two materials are different, and there is no specific mixing method to match them, the twoSilicone tube of oxygen making machineAll are translucent.


After curing, silicone elastomers exhibit meaningful mechanical properties, including moderate hardness and high elongation at break, but the tensile strength is lower than that of polyurethane. Compared with PTFE, they have a sticky surface and a higher coefficient of friction, but are much less rigid. Because they are hydrophobic and are good electrical insulators, they attract dust. Their operating temperature range is greaterPVC。

Various defects that may exist in the oxygen concentrator silicone hose include: extrusion line or gel (may be caused by premature curing in the extruder); air bubbles (may be caused by the absorption of water by the cooling rolls of the two-roll mill during the curing process) Water vapor; particulate contamination.

DetermineSilicone tube of oxygen making machineThe limits of these defects are not easy, but should be specified in the supplier's sales specifications. The standards relating to silicone elastomers for hose extrusion even mention some visual inspection. Other issues related to mechanical performance relate to footprint and handling. The problem here is to use the footprint"Manage" the hose in production while avoiding problems such as kinking.Silicone tube of oxygen making machineVariables to be considered include bend radius and bending force.

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