The manufacturing method of EPDM sealing strip is very important


EPDM sealing strip has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, no deformation, tasteless, high elasticity, high strength and so on. The seal is waterproof and firm, and will not change color after long-term use. Therefore, the products are often used in various industries such as automobiles, electrical appliances, doors and windows. Window seals are mainly used for decorative doors and windows of buildings such as plastic steel windows, aluminum alloy windows, and wooden windows.

EPDM sealing strip investment is small, but its role can not be ignored. Therefore, there is no need to choose those counterfeit products in order to reduce costs. Next, I will introduce the use of EPDM sealing strips and the purchase skills of window seals. The identification method is very simple.

1. If there is a peculiar smell, smell it with your nose. Ordinary PVC material will have a little mellow, almost too little smell.


2. Wrap the EPDM sealing strip around the profile as tightly as possible and place it at high temperature for a period of time. Observe whether the contact surface of the profile surface and the sealing strip is stained or discolored, whether the dust on the surface of the EPDM sealing strip is yellow, greasy or dirty.

3. Some cheap EPDM sealing strips will fill a lot, so the surface will not be very bright, and those that are cheap and do not look bright are not ideal.

EPDM sealing strip adopts microwave vulcanization molding, beautiful surface, good elasticity, compression deformation resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and wide working temperature range. Widely used in automotive doors and windows and curtain walls. For products of different shapes and materials, or products with cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solids, and special performance requirements, they can meet the needs of design and use.

Because the EPDM sealing strip is different from the traditional rubber sealing ring, it has the advantages of convenient storage, simple and quick installation, reducing labor intensity, speeding up the progress of the project, and reducing construction costs. The product looks beautiful. After use, the product grade of the van is improved, making it more competitive in the market.

EPDM sealing strip is mainly made of EPDM rubber foam and dense composite material, which has good elasticity, compression deformation resistance, aging resistance, ozone, chemical action and wide working temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃). With a unique metal clip and tongue buckle, it is durable and easy to install.

EPDM sealing strip is hard and soft adjustable, good sealing performance. It can also be pasted with imported mesh double-sided adhesive tape to facilitate the tedious process in the production process and improve production efficiency. In addition, the shape of the product can be made according to the different requirements of users. EPDM sealing strip has the characteristics of good sealing, waterproof, fireproof, insect-proof, windproof, light isolation, anti-collision and long service life.

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