How to correctly distinguish the quality of EPDM sealing strip


The sealing strip is a product that seals the object so that it is not easy to open, and has the functions of shock absorption, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, dustproof and fixing. generallyPVC, modified PVC, EPDM, elastomer sealing strips (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silicone and other materials are extruded, in whichEPDM sealing stripIt is a very commonly used sealing strip type now, soEPDM sealing stripHow to identify pure impure?

1,EPDM sealing stripTaste. The second rubber strip will have a certain peculiar smell, especially pungent. Normal rubber sealing strip will only have the smell of plastic, good quality is not to smell.

2. Appearance. InferiorEPDM sealing stripThe appearance is very rough, and the hand is very hard, without any tension. AndOkay.The sealing strip is glossy, soft and tensile in appearance.


3, the proportion. the quality is not goodEPDM sealing stripThe specific gravity is particularly heavy, because the filler used in the production of heavy calcium or talcum powder and other filling raw materials, which will increase the proportion of the sealing strip. A good sealing strip will directly use light calcium carbonate as the raw material for filling.

4. The door and window sealing strip is installed on the profile or directly wound on the plastic profile and placed in a high temperature place for drying. the quality is not goodEPDM sealing stripIt is directly after high temperature, the contact surface of the profile will change color, the surface will also be stained with dust, and there is yellowing and oil leakage.

5. Smell what it tastes like with your nose,EPDM sealing stripIt smells like rubber. Although it is synthetic rubber, it is still rubber after all. So there will also be the smell of rubber, rubber and plastic is the smell of plastic, the industry said rubber is actually modifiedPVC, which is different from the taste.

6, burn the rubber strip, rubber strip andEPDM sealing stripThe difference is that the rubber is black and gray after burning, and there will be some stickiness, which will be brushed when pinched by hand. AndEPDM sealing stripAfter burning, it is white ash, and it becomes black with a pinch of the hand.

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