How to use the window sealing strip? Window sealing strip selection skills


Window sealing strip is mainly used in plastic steel windows, aluminum alloy windows, wood windows and other architectural decorative doors and windows. Plastic window sealing strips on the market are generally extruded from PVC, modified PVC, EPDM, elastomer sealing strips (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silica gel and other materials. Next, the editor will introduce how to use the window sealing strip and the purchase skills of the window sealing strip.

How to use the window seal

1, glass cushion strip and stop adhesive strip-window frame, window sash should be in accordance with the correct surface in the direction of the rubber strip with a special roller to push a little force into the profile slot, while the head of the rubber strip down to the embedded profile slot


2. Glass strip-manually penetrate the tip of the strip into the profile groove according to the correct surface, and then press the outer surface of the strip firmly to press the strip into the gap between the glass and the profile. The rubber strips at both ends retract a little to the middle, leaving a length of 1-2cm, then cut them off and press them into the notch.

Window sealing strip installation precautions

1. Before installing the glass, the sundries in the notch should be carefully removed, such as mortar, brick chips, wood blocks, etc. The glass should be carefully aligned to ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and be fixed in time to prevent collision and displacement and deviation from the center of the notch.

2. The sealing strip cannot be pulled too tightly, and the blanking length is 2O-3Omm longer than the assembly length. The installation should be embedded in place, the surface is straight, and the glass, glass notch close contact, so that the glass around the uniform force. The rubber strip at the corner shall be cut off at the inclined surface, and the rubber strip shall be injected and bonded firmly at the broken place.

3. When filling and fixing the glass with sealant, the glass should be squeezed with rubber strips or rubber blocks to leave a gap for glue injection. The depth of glue injection should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept from vibration.

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