How to install oxygen machine silicone tube


With the development of society, people's living standard is improving day by day. In addition to meeting the basic problem of satiety, people are also more in pursuit of health and safety. In the pursuit of healthy eating today,Silicone tube of oxygen making machinehas gradually replacedplastic,With a wider range of adaptability, it has become a more popular raw material in the market.

Silicone tube of oxygen making machineIt is an additive silicone rubber, using silicone rubber raw materials, through scientific formula, using intermittent production of raw rubber, according to the gas phase rubber tear resistance and high transparency, composite rubber, functional composite rubber high hardness, low characteristics of production.Here to understand the oxygen machine silicone tubeThe advantages.

SiliconeIt is an inorganic polymer colloid material made by polycondensation of silicic acid. The raw material is silica gel, also called silicic acid gel. It is a highly active adsorption material. Its main component is silicon dioxide oxide ammonium, the content of more98%. Tasteless, chemically stable, does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.


Compared with the traditional silicone tubeSilicone tube of oxygen making machineHigh transparency, odorless, high and low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance200, low temperature resistance of about -40. Heating in a sealed environment will not reduce its shape. In addition, the product also has no hardening, no discoloration, no yellowing, long-term use of no frost and other advantages. In particular, it solves the problems of frosting of black hose and fading of blue products, and is well received by the industry.

How to installSilicone tube of oxygen making machine:

1,When installingSilicone tube of oxygen making machineDo not makeSilicone tube of oxygen making machineDeformation, otherwise it will be damaged under pressureSilicone tube of oxygen making machineOtherwise, the connection may relax.

2Silicone tube of oxygen making machineWhen the bending radius is too small, attention should be paid. A more reasonable approach is to choose a right angle joint to preventSilicone tube of oxygen making machineSharp bends.

3,Right.Silicone tube of oxygen making machineWhen pressurized,Silicone tube of oxygen making machineThe length will change. IfSilicone tube of oxygen making machineIf the stroke of the inner steel wire layer is larger, the compressedSilicone tube of oxygen making machineThe length of will be shorter. On the contrary, if the stroke is small, thenSilicone tube of oxygen making machineThe length will be longer. IfSilicone tube of oxygen making machineIf there is a bend in the back of the device, it should not beSilicone tube of oxygen making machineincrease the bending position of the fixed equipment,Silicone tube of oxygen making machineShould be free to move.

4,To avoid damageSilicone tube of oxygen making machineand flow restrictions, should be increased as much as possibleSilicone tube of oxygen making machineThe radius of the bend.

5,In the installationSilicone tube of oxygen making machineWhen, remember not to misunderstandSilicone tube of oxygen making machine, Otherwise it is easy to damage under pressureSilicone tube of oxygen making machineOr release the crimp connector. between equipment and objectsSilicone tube of oxygen making machineSome space should be reserved to preventSilicone tube of oxygen making machineCollision with objects during operation. If you can't avoid it, try to take some protective measures, such as usingSilicone tube of oxygen making machineSheath and protective spring, etc.

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