What are the advantages of EPDM sealing strips


EPDM sealing strip is gradually being paid more and more attention. EPDM sealing strips are usually mainly used for car door and window sealing strips, but in recent years they have also begun to be used as sealing strips for building doors and windows. It has outstanding advantages.

The function and service life of EPDM sealing strip are usually equivalent to those of vulcanized EPDM rubber sealing strip. The processing energy consumption of EPDM sealing strip is relatively low compared with vulcanized EPDM strip. EPDM sealing strip does not contain heavy metals such as halogen and lead in the production process, so it can be recycled after several years, which can also meet the requirements of green building materials. In addition, its specific gravity is small, generally only0.9-0.95, so the window rate is high. Although the unit price of EPDM sealing strip seems to be very high, its actual application cost is very low.


Everything has good or bad points, so in the procurement of EPDM sealing strip, need to use some simple identification method. The simpler way is to use your nose to smell if there is any peculiar smell, which is usually normal.PVC raw materials will have a little alcohol, but ordinary people basically can't smell. However, if you can smell the smell or plastic, you can't use it on wooden doors. Under normal circumstances, the rubber strips that meet the specifications should have no taste, or sometimes you can bring a little taste of natural rubber. When purchasing, we must distinguish whether it is our own demand seal.

In most cases, good quality is proportional to the price. Generally good quality sealing strip has a long life, good elasticity and chemical resistance, but it is not resistant to the corrosion of aliphatic and aromatic solvents. This is because EPDM rubber is the lower density of rubber, so it has high filling characteristics and leak-proof effect. At the same time, if you look from the appearance, the general EPDM sealing strip is better than pureThe appearance of PVC sealing strip is delicate and has high tensile strength. At the same time, yellow flame appears after being ignited by fire, and the chlorine molecules in it will evaporate again after being burned. Therefore, EPDM sealing strip with chlorine smell is usually used for mixing in an open mill, but its mixing property is poor. At present, the EPDM sealing strip generates a large amount of heat during mixing, which is easy to take off the roller, and has poor wettability to the powder compounding agent, slow powder eating and difficult dispersion.

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