Practical Performance Test of EPDM Sealing Strip


EPDM sealing strips are generally used on door and window sashes, and there are special sealing strip grooves on slats and doors and windows. The main function is to wear the sealing strip on the slats and the inner fan to make the glass and the frame fan closer, thereby ensuring the air tightness of the doors and windows. The installation position of the EPDM sealing strip should be flat, not curled or stretched, and the joint should be less1mm, the model of EPDM sealing strip should match. If it is too large, the bead cannot be pressed in. If it is too small, the sealing strip will fall off easily. The glass and fan body are not tight and there will be gaps.

The following is about the practical performance test of EPDM sealing strip.

1. Observe whether the surface of the EPDM sealing strip is bright, smooth, free of impurities, bubbles and jagged marks, and the hand is delicate and soft. The surface of the high-filled soft PVC sealing strip is rough, dull and deformed.

2. Moderate stretching by hand, no fracture, good elasticity. Smell with the nose, no aromatic smell. The high-filled soft PVC sealing strip has poor strength, cracks when folded, and breaks when torn.


3. Use your nose to smell. Some EPDM sealing strips not only use waste materials of different quality, but also add excessive fillers and low molecular weight aromatic oil or complex refinery residue heavy oil as a plasticizer substitute. This product has a great odor when it leaves the factory, and its elasticity and softness are acceptable. However, with the passage of time, the components are more volatile, and the sealing strip becomes hard and brittle quickly, which makes the rubber strip shrink, loose, fall off, easy to crack and age, and lose the sealing function.

4. Actual inspection: Insert the EPDM sealing strip between the profile and the glass to check the rationality of the cross-sectional shape and the suitability of the strip size. It is easy to press in the rubber strip, but the greater the force to pull out the glass, the better. If conditions permit, white glass glue can be coated on the surface of the rubber strip, and the glue will not turn yellow and have strong adhesion for several days.

5. Visually inspect and identify the quality of the tape from several aspects such as appearance, strength, odor, burning observation, etc. The poor EPDM sealing strip has rough surface, large deformation, poor strength, cracking when folded, and breaking when torn. The nose smells like an aryl compound that can pierce the nose. The high quality modified PVC sealing strip has fine surface, good brightness, high strength, good elasticity and no peculiar smell. The flame is colored when burning, the roots are green and smelly. After self-extinguishing, the brushed wire is longer. EPDM rubber sealing strip has high strength, good elasticity, small deformation, bright surface and large specific gravity. When burning, the root of the flame is blue, smokeless, and the residue is not sticky, and cannot be brushed off after burning. The performance of the thermoplastic EPDM sealing strip is similar to that of the vulcanized EPDM rubber sealing strip, with a matte surface, light hand feeling, and sticky residue after burning.

6. In addition to the above identification, the groove width of commercial profiles varies from factory to factory (aluminum alloy profiles are more prominent); the tolerance of glass thickness varies. In order to ensure the fastness of embedding, each door and window enterprise can select qualified EPDM sealing strip according to the actual profile size and tailor-made.

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