Building doors and windows sealing strip how to install


Building doors and windows sealing strip is different from the usual aluminum alloy doors and windows, there are four nylon insulation strips in the profile plan, can play a very good heat insulation effect, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. On the choice of sealing strip. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are usually usedPVC sealing strip, aluminum alloy energy-saving doors and windows irregular structure using EPDM sealing strip, thermoplastic, elastomer (TPE) sealing strip or nitrile rubber (PVC) blend rubber sealing strip, to ensure its sealing function and service life.

(Window frame, window sash) After welding the corner, use a special roller to push the rubber strip into the profile groove with a small force according to the accurate surface direction, and press the triangular cap of the building door and window sealing strip down into the embedded profile groove to stop. Because the building door and window sealing strip is elastic, it may shrink after rolling. The correct approach is to retract both ends of the strip to the base when the strip equipment reaches the interface at both ends, leaving a shortening margin of 2-3cm, and then cutting and embedding. Glass molding (single glass and double glass) Put the building door and window sealing strip into the profile groove according to the accurate surface, and push one end of the tape forward. When it is pushed to the end of the front profile, retract the tape on both ends to the base, and then cut off the allowance of 1-2cm on each end.


If the slot size of the profile is irregular and difficult to penetrate, you can brush it again in the profile slot with a small amount of detergent dilution solution, which can reduce the equipment load. The correct treatment method can ensure that your doors and windows achieve satisfactory air tightness and water tightness, and there will be no shortening and missing corners. When using the whole roll of adhesive tape, the packaging line should be untied, the upper cover of the packaging tray should be removed, the paper core of the base should be pulled out, the beginning of the building door and window sealing strip should be pulled out from the base, and the inner ring should be used outward. The correct use of the method will avoid sticky bags, knots and other corners, saving equipment working hours.

Recently, many areas have been hit by heavy rains. It can be said that rainy weather is a test of various protective measures, and home decoration is no exception, such as building door and window seals, which can protect our home from rain. Therefore, pay attention to the selection of qualified products when purchasing.

The role of building doors and windows sealing strip is to prevent wind, especially in high-rise residential buildings. The aluminum alloy doors and windows installed with it have a strong defense against storms. Then there's watertightness. Good water tightness does not seep into the room when it rains. We will add desiccant during installation, which is more conducive to water tightness.

Building doors and windows sealing strip can also play a sealing role in heavy rain. The so-called air tightness is to keep warm and prevent cold air from entering the room. After comparison, it is found that Kaiping windows are more conducive to air tightness.

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