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Building door and window sealing stripWhat is it like? What is the cause of falling off? How to deal with it?Building door and window sealing stripMainly used for plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, aluminized plastic doors and windows and other building decorative doors and windows. generally on the marketBuilding door and window sealing stripallPVC, modified PVC, EPDM, elastomer sealing strip and silicone extrusion. According to different uses, can be divided into door cover sealing strip, top strip, glass sealing strip three categories. Door leaf/cover sealing strips are mainly used for door panels and doors.

Building door and window sealing stripis a kind of mixedPVC resin is an elastic material, usually accounting for 10%-15% of all materials. According to the principle of polymer blending, rubber or elastomer with solubility parameter similar to PVC resin should be selected. Such as nitrile rubber, neoprene, polyurethane and E-VA-CO. After these rubbers or elastomers are added to the PVC resin, they not only give the sealing strip good elasticity, but also act as a PVC plasticizer. Therefore, when the cost allows, it is advisable to increase the content of the rubber component, and add additives such as antioxidants to the rubber toughening component to ensure that the product has a sufficient service life.

Building door and window sealing stripWhat about falling off?


The glass installation is not centered, and the gap between the glass and the window frame is uneven,Building door and window sealing stripNot close to the glass and window frame, the installation is uneven. Hands on the glass, there is a loose sound.

Building door and window sealing stripThe manufacturer understands that the reasons for this situation are as follows:

1. When installing the glass, the debris in the notch was not removed in time, resulting in misalignment of the glass and the notch.

2. The gap between the glass and the glass notch is uneven, and the rubber strip has poor contact with the glass and the glass groove, protruding from the glass notch, and the sealing strip can be easily pulled off by hand.

3. The rubber strips at the corners are not disconnected and bonded.

The corrective action is:

1. Before installing the glass, the debris in the notch should be carefully removed, such as mortar, brick chips, wood blocks, etc. When placing the glass, the glass should be carefully aligned to ensure that the gap on both sides is uniform, and fixed in time to prevent collision and displacement and deviation from the center of the notch.

2.Building door and window sealing stripCan not be pulled too tight, the blanking length is longer than the assembly length2O-30mm. The installation should be embedded in place, the surface is flat, and the glass and glass notch are in close contact, so that the force around the glass is uniform. At the corner, the adhesive strip should be cut on an inclined plane and the broken part should be glued firmly.

3. When caulking and fixing the glass with sealant, squeeze the glass with rubber strips or rubber blocks to leave a gap for glue injection. The depth of glue injection should not be less than 5mm, and the glass should be kept without vibration before the glue is cured.

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