There are several ways to connect the sponge foam sealing strip


However, many friends know that this medical device sealing strip product is widely used. In order to adapt to this specific environment, sometimes it is necessary to connect the whole piece to form a ring, and then complete the effect. Then the following are some methods of contact. Do you know how to connectThe first is to use glue, if this is the case, whether it is foam or rubber, no matter what kind of shape can be used to butt with oily glue.

Sealing strips for medical devicesofThe firmness is still relatively strong, so if it is foamed by silica gel, it can also be used by a special glue, but this degree may be relatively weak. Under the condition that the required level is not high, it can be selectively used. Secondly, the sealing strip of medical devices can also be hot-melted and butted. Whether it is silicone rubber or polyvinyl chloride, hot-melted can be used. If the hardness is almost the same as that of the original glue, the principle is that it can be connected together at this high temperature.


Then let's take a look at the medical device sealing strip after connectionO-ring, easy to assemble and use on the machine. So if there is no connection, you can use manual cutting, and then continue to connect, high temperature melting and so on, has a very good impregnation effect.Sealing strips for medical devicesofThe connection mainly depends on the environment and the status of this usage method, and the repair is also very convenient. Let's take a look at whether there are other methods.

Sealing strips for medical devices can be classified according to the section method and the characteristics of the application site. After sealing this thing, it is not easy to open it. It has a good waterproof and sealing effect and is soundproof. Although it seems to be a very small thing, it is such a trivial role that it cannot be ignored. Through this new sealing strip material, we can know to choose the advantage, can not choose inferior.

Inferior medical equipment sealing strip is not only not conducive to environmental protection, but also has a smell, causing some harm to our body, there will be pollution to the environment, so we need to pay special attention.

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