EPDM sealing strips can be used in which areas


DueEPDM sealing stripIt has many performance characteristics and has been widely used in many fields and has become one of the important products selected by users in many industries. Then, let's learn about it together.EPDM sealing stripCan be applied in which areas!

1. In the field of packaging materials

EPDM sealing stripIt can be used in the field of packaging materials such as packaging cushioning materials for the transportation of many precision mechanical products, packaging materials for furniture, packaging materials for small electrical equipment, and in these packaging materials, the damage of goods caused by the shaking of transportation can be greatly reduced.


2. In the real estate area

EPDM sealing stripCan be applied to the field of real estate, such as the joint of residential large plate, can also be applied to the sealing material of doors and windows of real estate construction, can also be applied to the joint engineering of many civil buildings, etc., in these fields has been recognized and selected by many users.

3. In the field of heat insulation and heat preservation

EPDM sealing stripIt can be applied to the field of heat insulation and heat preservation, can be applied to air conditioning heat insulation and sealing materials, and can also be applied to refrigerator heat insulation and sealing materials.

EPDM sealing stripThermal insulation, thermal insulation, cold and low temperature function is excellent, can withstand cold and sun, sound insulation closed bubble hole, sound insulation effect is good, solid sealing strip has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance. Three propylene sealing strip has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, color stability, electrical performance, water vapor resistance, oil filling and normal temperature fluidity.EPDM sealing stripcan be inLong-term use under 120, under 150 to 120 can be temporary or intermittent use. Adding a suitable antioxidant can increase the use temperature, and the peroxide-crosslinked EPDM can be used under harsh conditions.

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