Features and uses of EPDM sealing strips


EPDM sealing stripIt is a kind of sealing strip that uses the characteristics of certain materials to make pores appear inside through processing, which is divided into ethylene-Propylene foam sealing strip, silicon foam sealing strip and PU foam sealing strip.EPDM sealing stripUsing microwave vulcanization technology to form a single, smooth and beautiful surface, no seams. It has good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, excellent aging resistance, good flame retardancy, stable performance of low smoke and low toxicity products, and high dimensional accuracy. Then, let's understand together.EPDM sealing stripFeatures and uses of it.

EPDM sealing stripFeatures:

1. Light weight, tough and light, and has strong toughness;

2. High thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity, with excellent thermal insulation;

3. Non-absorbent with independent bubble structure, low water absorption;

4. Buffer, excellent impact resistance, can be used as a buffer material;

5. Weather resistance, excellent weather resistance, EPDM sponge can pass the ozone resistance test.


EPDM sealing stripThe use:

1, packaging materials (precision machinery, medical equipment, furniture, glass and other transport buffer materials, small electrical protection buffer materials, etc.);

2. Civil engineering and real estate (residential slab caulking material, residential door and window sealing material, concrete shrink-proof cushion, open channel caulking material, various civil real estate caulking materials, etc.);

3,EPDM sealing strip can be usedVehicles, ships(Door seals, trunk seals, engine hood buffer gaskets, various pipe seals, lamp seals, engine vibration isolation materials, equipment buffer and sealing materials, etc.);

4, heat insulation, heat preservation (cooler and air conditioning use heat insulation sealing material, refrigerator and cold storage heat insulation sealing material, etc.);

5. Sound insulation and moisture-proof (noise-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, residential sound-proof wall sealing materials, waterproof and moisture-proof sealing materials for various electrical appliances, moisture-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, etc.).

EPDM sealing stripUsually divided into EPDM rubber foam sponge seals and silicone rubber anti-low temperature rubber foam sponge seals. The method of distinguishing the two prices is also very large. The two sizes are slightly different. Like vinyl-propylene-diene rubber foam stickers, usually dark color, low temperature resistance 120 degrees of aging resistanceGood.The advantages of tearing corrosion resistance are many customer choicesReasons for EPDM sealing strip.

EPDM sealing stripThe main function in the die-cutting process is to make the products that need to be die-cut smoothly separated from the die-cutting plate under the action of the resilience of the sponge rubber strip in the die-cutting process. The cardboard and the die-cutting plate will not stick together and spread out in the paper feeding process. In addition,EPDM sealing stripOn the premise that the installation method is correct, the die-cutting edge between the local protection box type and between the box type and the waste edge will not be torn during the die-cutting process.

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