EPDM sealing strip to identify three major skills


EPDM sealing stripInIntroduced into China in the 1980 s, it brought the Chinese peopleVeryGreat convenience. The development history of the sealing strip is closely related to the development of the door and window industry, and the renewal of the two almost maintains the same rhythm and has the same development and progress.

EPDM sealing striphasGoodThe physical and mechanical properties of anti-ultraviolet, weather resistance, heat aging, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical medium resistance, water resistance, good electrical insulation and elasticity are copolymers of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated dienes as the third monomer.EPDM sealing stripThe microwave vulcanization process is used for one-time molding, with beautiful surface, no seam marks, good elasticity, compression deformation resistance, excellent aging resistance, excellent flame retardant performance, low smoke and low toxicity, stable product performance and high dimensional accuracy. Below to understandEPDM sealing stripIdentify the three skills:

1. look at its color. Observe EPDM sealing stripofColor, that is, carefully observe the color of the rubber body. Many counterfeit products are low-end inferior rubber, so the color produced is often particularly dark. In order to prevent experienced people from seeing through at a glance, most of them will be polished with black shoe polish before leaving the factory to make it look black and shiny. The color of the EPDM sealing strip produced by the real EPDM is pure, slightly dim, not particularly bright or particularly dark.

2. smell it. . In fact, the taste is a better way to judge the EPDM sealing strip. Because all components of rubber contain olefins, rubber will have the pungent smell that normal people feel. But...EPDM is a polymer of ethylene and propylene and is a highly filled material. Therefore, the vulcanized filled EPDM rubber replaces the pungent taste of ordinary rubber in exchange for a fragrant taste, so as long as the user pays attention, it is not difficult to judge the real good goods.

3. touch feeling. Touch means that if you carefully rub the inner layer of the rubber body of the EPDM sealing strip, it will feel very smooth. Because authentic EPDM rubber is of excellent quality and high price, the soft rubber joints produced feel particularly smooth, while ordinary rubber feels far worse and feels like rough skin.

EPDM sealing stripBecause of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, it is often used in the manufacture of airplanes, trains, automobiles, buses, ships, high and low voltage switchgear, diving products, aluminum alloy insulation windows, glass curtain walls, high pressure steam hoses, tunnels, viaduct joints And other waterproof parts and other industrial and agricultural sealing parts. The above is the identification of Xiaobian introductionEPDM sealing stripThe three skills, I hope to help you. If you want to know about other aspects, you can consult us.

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