Function and characteristics of sponge foam sealing strip


Sponge foam sealing strip is usually divided into two kinds, EPDM rubber hollow sealing strip and silicone rubber low temperature resistant hollow rubber sealing strip. The price difference between the two types of hollow object sealing strip is also very large. There are some differences between the two types of hollow sealing strips, which are black, low temperature and resistant.120 ℃ aging is better than EPDM hollow sealing strip. The advantages of tear resistance and corrosion resistance Many customers choose this rubber hollow sealing strip, especially the price is relatively appropriate. Another kind of sponge foam sealing strip is sponge hollow sealing strip, which has the advantage of strong low temperature resistance and can reach the low temperature requirement of 280 degrees.


Sponge foam sealing strip is a kind of sealing strip which uses the characteristics of some original parts and produces pores in it by processing. Divided into three ethylene propylene rubber hollow sealing strip, silicone hollow sealing strip andPU hollow sealing strip. The hollow sealing strip is formed by microwave vulcanization process at one time, with beautiful surface and no contact trace. The sponge foam sealing strip has good elasticity, compression deformation resistance and good aging resistance. Good flame retardancy, low smoke, low toxicity; parts of stable performance, high dimensional accuracy. refrigerator sealing strip cleaning method:

There are more than ten kinds of microorganisms on the sponge foam sealing strip. The presence of these microorganisms can easily lead to various diseases. Wipe the seal with a dry cloth soaked in alcohol. Part features:1. Light weight, strong toughness, light weight and strong toughness 2. High thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation 3. Non-water absorption has a vertical bubble structure and low water absorption 4. Sponge foam sealing strip has Good unloading force and impact resistance, can be used as the original part of unloading force 5. Excellent weather resistance.

Sponge foam sealing strip parts use:1. Packaging original parts; 2. Civil engineering and construction; 3. Vehicles and ships; 4. Heat insulation; 5. Sound insulation and moisture proof.

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