What is the function of sponge foam sealing strip


With the development of traffic, buildings and modern facilities, noise pollution is becoming more and more serious. Long-term overload noise can cause damage to the central nervous system. Accordingly, the demand for acoustic foam sealing strips is also increasing.Sponge foam sealing stripWhat is the function?

1, so-calledSponge foam sealing stripSound insulation, of course. Sponge foam sealing strip can effectively inhibit the transmission of dynamic and static, so as to play the role of sound insulation.

2. The second is to reduce heat conduction. The thermal conductivity of the sponge foam sealing strip is much lower than that of the general sealing strip, which effectively reduces the heat conduction through the door and window gap.

3. Anti-agingSponge foam sealing stripHas its own formula, so that it can withstand the detection of harsh environments such as sudden changes in temperature. It also has a good anti-aging function in heavy rain, sunlight, dry and cold environments, and its service life is much longer than ordinary sealing strips.

4. In addition to the above functions,Sponge foam sealing stripIn the design process can also produce different performance according to the requirements of operating conditions, such as anti-ultraviolet, ozone resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, temperature resistance and other different properties. The foam sealing strip has many performance characteristics, so it has been widely used in many fields and has become one of the important products selected by many industry users. Now, let's take a look at the specific application field of sponge foam sealing strip.


1. Packaging materials field

Sponge foam sealing strip can be used in the field of packaging materials. For example, it can be used for transportation packaging cushioning materials for many precision mechanical products, it can also be used for packaging materials for furniture, and it can also be used for packaging materials for small electrical appliances. In these packaging materials, it can play a good protective role and greatly reduce the damage to the goods caused by transportation bumps

2. Construction field

Sponge foam sealing strip can be used in the construction field, such as the caulking of large residential panels, as well as the sealing material of doors and windows in building construction, and can also be used in the caulking construction of many civil buildings. In these areas, it has been recognized and selected by many users.

3. In the field of heat insulation and heat preservation

Sponge foam sealing strip can be used in the field of heat insulation, can be used for air conditioning heat insulation sealing material, can also be used for refrigerator heat insulation sealing material.Sponge foam sealing stripThere are two types of seals: one isEPDM rubber foam sponge seal, the other is silicone rubber low temperature resistant rubber foam sponge. The price difference between the two types is also large. There are some differences between these two types, just like EPDM rubber sponge seals. BlackSponge foam sealing stripUsually many, low temperature resistance120°C, good aging resistance, tear resistance and corrosion resistance. Many customers choose this rubber foam sealing strip, especially the price is also a more appropriate one.

O-type sponge foam sealing strip: the other is silicone rubber foam sponge sealing strip, which has the advantage of strong low temperature resistance and can reach the low temperature requirement of 280 ℃. The common colors of silicone rubber are red and red.

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