How about the performance of sponge foam sealing strip


What isSponge foam sealing stripWhat?Sponge foam sealing stripIt is a sealing strip that uses the characteristics of certain materials to produce pores in it through processing. How is its performance? In response to this problem, Dongsheng will give you a brief explanation.

Sponge foam sealing stripThe microwave vulcanization process is used for one-time molding, the surface is light and beautiful, and there is no contact trace. It has good elasticity, compression deformation andGoodAging resistance.GoodFlame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity; product performance is stable, high dimensional accuracy.

Sponge foam sealing striphas low thermal insulation and thermal conductivity, and hasGoodHeat insulation; light weight, strong toughness, light weight, strong strength;GoodThe cushioning and impact resistance can be used as a cushioning material; the non-absorbent is characterized by the vertical bubble structure and low water absorption.Sponge foam sealing striphasVeryStrong tear resistance and tear resistance, inWhen used in the temperature range of -10 ℃-150 ℃, it will not crack after hundreds of thousands of bends. As a kind of automobile sealing strip,Sponge foam sealing stripThe main performance requirements are good sealing and elasticity,GoodWeather resistance and fatigue aging resistance.


Silicone rubber sponge foam sealing stripNot only protect the environment, but alsoGoodtensile strength and heat resistance. Its heat resistance is comparable to that of fluorine rubber. The performance of silicone rubber is better than that of fluorine rubber, and the price is lower than that of fluorine rubber. Therefore, the application of silicone rubber products is more common. Silicone rubber is a new type of tough polymer material. Silicone rubber foam sealing strip hasGoodheat resistance, can reach180 ℃-230 ℃,GoodCold resistance, up-40-60°C.

It is worth mentioning that,Silicone rubber sponge foam sealing striphasGoodPhysiological reliability, able to withstand repeated harsh and sterilization standards. It hasGoodThe elasticity and small deformation, breakdown field strength, resistance to active oxygen and UV resistance.

Silicone rubber sponge foam sealing stripThe sealing strip made of silicone rubber is soft and malleable. After a unique production and processing, colorless, tasteless, can withstand200 ℃ high temperature, high pressure and several steam. It is suitable for the internal connection of the insulation layer of household appliances, the internal hose of household water system software, industrial refrigeration equipment, natural gas supply, mechanical equipment, lighting fixtures and other commodities.

In the current market, different sealant manufacturers produceSilicone rubber sponge foam sealing stripThe prices are different, sometimes quite different.Silicone rubber sponge foam sealing stripThe key factors of price are the raw materials and processing technology of the product. The prices of raw materials and processing technologies also vary greatly.

Therefore, when choosing a silicone rubber sponge foam sealing strip, we must not only pay attention to the price issue, but also pay attention to the product quality.

The above isSponge foam sealing stripThe performance of the introduction. I hope it helps you understand it. If you want to know more aboutSponge foam sealing stripFor information, please contact the manufacturer for advice.

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