Application of Recycled Rubber in Sponge Foam Sealing Strip


Application of Recycled Rubber in Sponge Foam Sealing Strip


Sponge foam sealing strip has low density, good elasticity, good sealing effect and good cushioning performance. It is usually made of continuous extrusion vulcanization of foam rubber and is used for sealing in various occasions. Sponge foam sealing strip common raw materials areEPDM, nitrile rubber, neoprene and butyl rubber, but the price of raw rubber on the market has always been high, which is a big test for manufacturers; the price of rubber recovered from waste rubber products is much Lower than the original rubber. Can it be used to produce sponge seals to reduce raw material costs?

EPDM reclaimed rubber has excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and aging resistance, which can replace some EPDM HYL26Y11Y1J-SXC to produce sponge seals. Black EPDM reclaimed rubber can be used with EPDM to make black sponge seals. With carbon black as reinforcing agent, salt bath vulcanization, hot air vulcanization or microwave hot air vulcanization are commonly used; light-colored EPDM monomer recycled rubber can be mixed with EPDM monomer to make light-colored sponge foam sealing strip. In the formulation, white carbon black is usually used for reinforcement and titanium dioxide is used for toning. Nitrile reclaimed rubber is characterized by its excellent oil resistance. It is not easy to swell when used in a variety of oil media, and has a good sealing effect for a long time. Nitrile recycled rubber can be used together with nitrile rubber to produce open-cell sponge foam sealing strips, or it can be mixed with nitrile rubber to produce closed-cell sponge sealing tape in an appropriate ratio. Foaming agent H and foaming agent TSH are mainly used for nitrile open-cell sponge foaming sealing strips, and foaming agent AC is more suitable for the production of closed-cell sponge sealing tapes using regenerated nitrile rubber.

Butyl recycled rubber has excellent air tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance and chemical resistance. It can be used with butyl rubber to produce low density closed cell sponge foam sealing strip. Usually peroxide vulcanization is chosen. Carbon black and heavy calcium are used in the rebar filling system. The foaming agent in the foaming system can be selected fromOBSH and Vaseline.

When using recycled rubber to produce foam sealing strips, in order to ensure uniform foaming and smooth extrusion of the foam sealing strips, rubber product manufacturers need to select recycled rubber products with high fineness and no impurities. The recycled rubber on the market can be roughly divided into latex recycled rubber, tire recycled rubber, butyl recycled rubber, nitrile recycled rubber and EPDM rubber according to the types of raw materials. Different types of recycled rubber can replace the corresponding raw rubber to produce rubber products, thereby reducing production costs. Theoretically, EPDM (EPDM) recycled rubber, nitrile recycled rubber and butyl recycled rubber can be mixed in a certain proportion in the production of sponge foam sealing strips. The type and quantity of recycled rubber used for sponge foam sealing strips are different on different occasions, and the production process is also very different. I will discuss with you later.

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