Knowledge Sharing of Cleaning and Maintenance of Automobile Sealing Strip


What role does the sealing strip play, what problems will occur during and after use and how to deal with it?

Cars. The door and window sealing strip plays a role of dustproof, anti-collision and sound insulation, but there are always some problems in long-term use.

Let's go through these questions one by one.

① The origin and solution of the problem of automobile doors and windows

Door and window sealing strips often have problems of hard and anti-collision sealing effect. Many of these problems may be related to you.

The use time and the quality of the sealing strip are issues. We must remember to test the springback of the car door and window sealing strip with your fingers when buying the car door and window sealing strip.

And the thickness and the degree of deformation, the door and window sealing strip must be moderate in hardness and uniform in thickness, and the rebound degree is good and not easy to deform.

Have a finger to open the sealing strip and look at the sealing strip slot. Is there any shaking when pulling?

If the sealing strip is shaken in a large area, please pull out the whole and reinstall or replace it.

Figure 2 is the anti-collision, dustproof and sound insulation sealing strip of the door. This sealing strip requires good rubber quality, anti-aging, and is not easy to deform after long-term extrusion, and has a good sealing and sound insulation effect.

If it breaks or falls off, please replace it and use it as necessary, which may cause deformation and falling off of the door.

② Knowledge of car trunk sealing strip

The trunk sealing strip is pasted and slotted, which as a whole is to ensure the dustproof function of the trunk.

The sealing strip of the trunk plays an absolute role in dustproof and sound insulation, and the sealing strip of the trunk is prone to rupture

, This situation is caused by the quality of the sealing strip, and the car's dust-proof cleaning is not timely or the vehicle is exposed to the sun for a long time.

Please pay attention to the dust and the location of the car, try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and arrange to clean the dust inside and outside the car

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