How to install oxygen machine silicone tube


The oxygen generator silicone tube can effectively avoid oxygen leakage, ensure indoor air pollution, maintain the safety of the oxygen generator, and improve the service life of the oxygen generator. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the effectiveness of the oxygen machine silicone tube, to ensure that the quality of the silicone tube, as far as possible to avoid the leakage of oxygen. Oxygen machine silicone tube is the key to the treatment of patients with consumables, it can effectively improve the patient's breathing natural environment, so that patients feel safe and comfortable, but also need to pay attention to the operation method, the number of replacement and maintenance and other aspects, to ensure the safety of patients.

With the development of society, people's living standards continue to improve. In addition to achieving the basic problem of satiety, everyone is also pursuing safety and health. In the search for a scientific diet of the moment, the oxygen machine silicone tube has gradually replaced the plastic, with a wider range of adaptability, become more attractive raw materials on the market.

Silicone tube of oxygen making machine belongs to plus type silica gel. Silicone raw materials are selected. According to scientific ratio, intermittent method is selected to produce raw rubber. It is produced and manufactured according to high abrasion resistance and definition of liquid phase plastic, high hardness and inferior characteristics of composite rubber and functional composite rubber. Here to understand the advantages of oxygen machine silicone tube.


Silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloidal solution raw material made by the polycondensation reaction of silicic acid. The raw material is silica gel, also known as silicic acid gum. It is a base enzyme adsorbent. Its main component is silicon dioxide and ammonium oxide, with a composition exceeding 98%. Odor-free, stable physical properties, in addition to strong acid and sulfuric acid, do not reflect all chemical substances.

Compared with the traditional silicone tube, the silicone tube has high definition, no smell, high and low temperature resistance test, heat resistance of about 200, low temperature resistance of about -40. Heating in a sealed environment is not easy to reduce its appearance. In addition, this product also has the characteristics of no hard base, no fading, no yellowing, and long-term use without frost. In particular, it overcomes many problems such as gray-black rubber hose frosting and dark blue products fading, and is widely praised by five stars in the industry.

how to install silicone tube:

1. When assembling the silicone tube, do not make the silicone tube variant, otherwise it will destroy the silicone tube of the oxygen generator when it bears the force, or the connection may be loose.

2, the bending radius of the silicone tube is too long, need to pay attention. What is a more reasonable way to choose a right-angle connector to avoid substantial bending of the oxygen generator silicone tube.

3. When the silicone tube is charged, the length of the silicone tube of the oxygen generator will change. If the stainless steel wire layer in the silicone tube stroke is relatively large, the length of the reduced oxygen machine silicone tube will be shortened. Conversely, if the stroke arrangement is small, the length of the silicone tube can be longer. If there is a bending area behind the silicone tube of the oxygen generator machine, it is not allowed to lift large equipment in the bending part of the silicone tube of the oxygen generator, and the silicone tube should be moved at will.

4, in order to prevent the destruction of the silicone tube and flow restrictions, should try to improve the bending radius of the silicone tube.

5, in the use of silicone tube, do not misunderstand the oxygen machine silicone tube, or under pressure is easy to damage the silicone tube or loose sleeve connector. The silicone tube between the equipment and the object should be kept in a certain space to avoid the collision between the silicone tube of the oxygen generator and the object during operation. If you can't avoid it, please try to take some safeguards, such as the application of silicone tube protective wire sleeve to protect the torsion spring.

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