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As an important part to ensure the normal operation of construction machinery, seals are widely used in various construction machinery. So, what is the use of engineering machinery sealing strip? The following will give you a detailed introduction.


1. Prevent oil leakage

As an important part of the hydraulic system, the main function of the sealing strip is to prevent the leakage of liquid in the closed system. Since each connection point needs to be installed with a related sealing strip, a reasonable and reliable sealing material and sealing structure play a vital role in preventing oil leakage.

2. Dust protection

In the process of construction machinery operation, there is a certain gap between the components of each part, which is an important prerequisite to ensure the flexible movement of the machine. However, these gaps can also allow dust impurities such as dust and dirt to enter the inside of the component, causing machine failure or component damage. The role of the sealing strip is to set a physical barrier in these gaps to prevent dust and impurities from entering the system, thereby protecting the operation of the machine.

3. Relieve the pressure

With the work of construction machinery, a lot of pressure will be generated inside the machine, which will have a certain impact on the internal structure of the machine, and in many cases will have a certain destructive effect. Between these components, gasket sealing is one of the important means to relieve pressure, which can reduce the pressure on the machine and relieve the extrusion between the components, thereby protecting the machine and the structure of the machine.

4. Bearing load

The ability of the sealing strip to carry the load is also important as part of the connection. In the working process of large-scale construction machinery, the sealing strip with large load-bearing capacity can withstand all vibrations and shocks, avoid damage to the sealing strip caused by load, and improve the stability of construction machinery.

5. Reduce energy consumption and temperature

A well-maintained sealing system can effectively reduce energy consumption and temperature. In the frequently used construction machinery, part of the power will be lost due to leakage and other reasons. The good maintenance of the sealing system can effectively reduce the loss of energy consumption and temperature, making the operation of the machine more efficient and stable.

The above is several uses of engineering machinery sealing strip. By installing the appropriate sealing strip, it can protect the machine from leakage, dust protection, relieve pressure, bear load and reduce energy consumption and temperature.

Construction machinery sealing strip is an important part of construction machinery, the main purpose is to prevent liquid, gas or impurities into the machine. So, what are the characteristics of the construction machinery seal?

First of all, it needs to have good corrosion resistance, because engineering machinery will face various liquids and gases, such as oil, water, gas and so on. These liquids and gases can corrode the sealing strips, causing them to fail.

Secondly, it needs to have good wear resistance, because the use of engineering machinery environment is often harsh, sealing strip will be in contact with various impurities, fine impurities and dust, etc., easy to be worn and affect the sealing effect.

In addition, the sealing strip needs to have a good adaptability to temperature. The use environment of construction machinery often faces high temperature and low temperature, and if the sealing strip cannot adapt to these temperature changes, it will be severely damaged and lose its good sealing effect.

The sealing strip needs to have good compression resistance, because there is a lot of pressure in the environment of construction machinery. If the sealing strip itself cannot withstand these pressures, the normal operation of the machine cannot be guaranteed.

In summary, the characteristics of engineering machinery sealing strip include corrosion resistance, wear resistance, temperature adaptability and compression resistance. Only with good performance in these areas can we ensure the stable operation of construction machinery and reduce maintenance costs.

Good mechanical seals not only need to have good performance, but also need to be properly installed and maintained by professionals. This is the only way to ensure their effectiveness.

Although the sealing strip is small, it has a great role. I hope you can realize this, cherish this widget, and let them play their value.

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