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With the continuous development of economy, the scale of industrial production is also expanding. In the operation of industrial machinery, mechanical sealing strip is one of the indispensable key components. To deal with a variety of harsh environments, to ensure the stability of machinery and equipment, and constantly promote the technical development and innovation of engineering machinery sealing strip.


In the traditional mechanical seal industry, most companies still use the traditional manufacturing process, and foreign manufacturers have a huge advantage in sealing technology. However, in recent years, domestic enterprises have begun to combine new technologies to improve their core technological innovation capabilities, and gradually narrow the technological gap with foreign rivals through independent research and development and the introduction of innovation. In terms of sealing materials, the previous mechanical seals are often used in natural rubber and other materials, with poor chemical stability, oxidation, aging and other shortcomings. Since the reform and opening up, China's sealing material industry has developed rapidly, and a number of advanced sealing materials have emerged, such as polyester, polyurethane, oxidized polyethylene and so on. These materials have good chemical stability, oxidation resistance, aging resistance and other advantages, and have been widely used in the sealing industry.

Through the progress of science and technology, mechanical seal technology is also constantly improving. Especially in the field of oil seals, domestic enterprises have made great progress in sealing materials, manufacturing processes and design, and domestic oil seal enterprises have gradually risen. The continuous introduction of new technologies and independent research and development of enterprises also provide an important driving force for the technological progress of construction machinery sealing strips. In the construction machinery industry, seals are still an area of concern. The quality and stability of seals are directly related to the efficiency and quality of mechanical equipment production. In the continuous exploration and innovation, China's construction machinery sealing strip industry has gradually become one of the competitive areas in the international market.

As an important part of mechanical equipment, the sealing strip of construction machinery has many unique characteristics. First of all, it can effectively prevent liquid or gas leakage and ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Secondly, it has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, can be used for a long time in harsh working environment. Its sealing performance is very good, which can effectively prevent dust, impurities, etc. from entering the inside of the machine, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the mechanical equipment. The superior performance of the construction machinery seal is not only widely used in the machinery industry, but also deeply affects the hearts of every practitioner. As an engineer, I have a deep understanding and experience of engineering machinery sealing strip. In one of my previous engineering projects, there was a problem with the sealing strip of a hydraulic excavator, which caused oil leakage and the mechanical equipment could not be used for a long time. Although we have repaired the problem after repeated inspections and repairs, this experience made me deeply aware of the importance of the sealing strip. Only good sealing strip can ensure the stable operation of mechanical equipment.

In the engineering industry, each of us should attach great importance to and understand the sealing strip, which is our responsibility and responsibility for the profession. I believe that in the future engineering design and research and development process, the sealing strip will have a more extensive and in-depth application, effectively improve the efficiency and service life of construction machinery, and bring more convenience and contribution to our production and life.

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