Introduction to the use of engineering machinery sealing strip


Construction machinery sealing strips are widely used in various construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, etc. Its main function is to prevent oil leakage, water, gas, mud and other substances between mechanical parts, and to ensure the normal service life of the machine. But the role of engineering machinery sealing strip does not stop here, then we will focus on its multiple uses.


Construction machinery will involve soil, water and other external substances in the working process. If these substances enter the machine, they will cause damage to the parts of the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, the use of the sealing strip is reflected again, it can effectively seal the inside of the machine, prevent soil and water from entering the inside of the machine, and maintain the normal entry and exit of machine parts. In some specific industries, engineering machinery needs to withstand a large number of high pressure and high temperature environment, such as coal and other industries. Construction machinery sealing strip is in such an environment to show its power, it can withstand high pressure, prevent hydraulic oil leakage in the mechanical hydraulic system outflow, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

When engineering machinery is working, many small parts need to be constantly rubbed and run. These parts not only produce friction, but also need to constantly release tension. If the sealing strip fails, these parts may be stuck or produce uneven tension, resulting in damage to the entire machine system. When the construction machinery is running, it needs to be carried out smoothly, so as to ensure the progress of the whole project. Construction machinery sealing strip can play a role in fixing the position and stability of machine parts, ensuring high stability of the whole machine at work, and avoiding machine shaking and leakage.

As an important mechanical accessory, the service life of the sealing strip often directly affects the service life and maintenance cost of the whole machine. Therefore, when choosing machinery, especially heavy machinery, it is necessary to choose a high-density sealing strip, which can reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of the machine. Under the background of environmental protection, the role of sealing strip in promoting environmental protection can not be ignored. It can prevent the leakage of oil in the machine and avoid pollution to the environment. At the same time, the sealing strip itself will not cause harm to the environment. For the current environmental protection market, the sealing strip will be a trend.

In short, the role of engineering machinery sealing strip is multiple, is to ensure the safety of the machine, extend the life of the machine, reduce maintenance costs need accessories. When using it, we need to understand its function, choose the right product, and install and maintain it correctly according to the instructions. With the wide application of construction machinery, mechanical sealing strip has quickly become an indispensable mechanical parts. So, what are the advantages of engineering machinery sealing strip? This article will introduce you one by one.

The construction machinery sealing strip is made of good materials, has good wear resistance, and can work stably for a long time in high speed, high pressure, high temperature and harsh environment. Sealing is one of the important functions of engineering machinery sealing strip. The mechanical sealing strip can effectively prevent the leakage of liquid or gas inside the machine, ensure the normal operation of the machine, and avoid pollution to the environment.

The material used in the construction machinery sealing strip has been specially treated, has good chemical corrosion resistance, and can withstand the erosion of a variety of harmful substances and strong acids, strong alkalis and other corrosive substances. The mechanical sealing strip is suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment. It is simple and convenient to install. It only needs to apply appropriate lubricant on the sealing surface to complete the sealing measures. And the installation position is not limited, convenient and flexible.

Because the construction machinery sealing strip has the characteristics of high durability, wear resistance and resistance to aging, it not only has low maintenance cost, but also has a long service life. Therefore, frequent replacement or maintenance is not required in daily maintenance, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the enterprise. In summary, the construction machinery sealing strip has the advantages of strong wear resistance, good sealing performance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, simple installation and low maintenance cost. It has a very important position in the design and manufacture of construction machinery, and it is worthy of serious research and application of the majority of machinery manufacturing enterprises.

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