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Construction machinery sealing strip is an important sealing element in mechanical equipment, which is mainly used to close high-pressure fluid and oil in the machine to prevent leakage. The principle is to use the contact force between the two seals to generate leakage resistance and achieve the sealing effect.


The material of the sealing strip is usually rubber, engineering plastic and other materials. There is a tiny contact surface between the inside of the sealing strip and the sealing surface, forming a very small enclosed space. In mechanical equipment, the sealing strip needs to withstand high hydraulic pressure and temperature, so it is very important to choose high strength, high temperature and pressure resistant materials. The sealing effect of the sealing strip is related to the state of the sealing surface, smoothness, pressure, temperature and other factors. If the sealing surface is uneven and the finish is not high, the sealing strip will not be fully in close contact with the sealing surface, resulting in oil leakage, oil leakage and other problems.

For the lack of signal non-contact sealing, the quality of material selection and processing technology will directly affect the sealing performance of the whole system. Therefore, in the production and installation process of the sealing strip, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant standards to ensure the sealing effect. In short, the principle of engineering machinery sealing strip is to produce leakage resistance through the tiny contact force between the contact surfaces to achieve the sealing effect, and the sealing effect is affected by the sealing surface state, smoothness, pressure, temperature and other factors.

Construction machinery sealing strip plays a very important role in mechanical equipment. It can not only effectively prevent leakage of machinery and equipment, but also play a lubricating role. However, during use, we also need to pay attention to some matters to ensure that it can function effectively. First of all, we need to choose different lubricating oil or grease according to the material of the sealing strip. Some sealing strips are not suitable for oil lubrication, but need to use grease lubrication, so when choosing the lubrication method, you need to carefully check the instructions.

Secondly, during the installation process, special attention should be paid to the direction and position of the sealing strip. If installed improperly, it will cause the seal is not tight, resulting in leakage and other problems. At the same time, the dust or burrs in the machinery and equipment need to be carefully cleaned to ensure that the sealing strip can fit tightly. In addition, when the weatherstrip is not used for a long period of time, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the weatherstrip. Because the long time does not use will cause the sealing strip to dry, hardening, thus affecting its sealing and lubrication effect.

It should be noted that different types of sealing strips have different precautions during use, so before use, you must read the instructions carefully and use them in accordance with the requirements in the instructions. At the same time, in the process of use, if the sealing strip is found to be worn or aged, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine and equipment. In short, the use of sealing strips cannot be ignored. We need to pay attention to the selection of materials, installation locations, lubrication methods, and regular maintenance to ensure that they can effectively function and provide protection for the long-term use of machinery and equipment.

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