The Importance and Application of Construction Machinery Sealing Strip


Construction machinery is often used in harsh environments, which leads to wear and damage of seals, so the importance of construction machinery sealing strips is self-evident. The sealing strip can not only protect the mechanical parts from the intrusion of external objects, but also prevent the leakage of liquid or gas. This paper will discuss the application and importance of engineering machinery sealing strip.

Construction machinery sealing strips are made of different materials, such as rubber, polyurethane, polyamide and polytetrafluoroethylene. These materials have their advantages and disadvantages, so the working conditions and properties of the mechanical parts need to be considered when choosing the sealing strip material.

The application of engineering machinery sealing strip is very extensive, involving various mechanical parts and equipment. For example, they may be used in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and fuel systems of excavators, bulldozers, cranes, drilling rigs, loaders, bulldozers, etc.

The application of sealing strip in construction machinery has many advantages. First of all, the sealing strip can prevent the leakage of liquid or gas, thereby protecting the mechanical parts. Secondly, the sealing strip can reduce the friction between the mechanical parts, thereby extending the life of the machine. In addition, the sealing strip can also reduce the noise and vibration of the machine operation, and improve the stability and reliability of the machine.

Therefore, it is very important for manufacturers and users of construction machinery to choose high-quality sealing strips. When selecting a sealing strip, it is necessary to consider the working conditions and properties of the mechanical parts, as well as the required sealing level and the durability of the material.

In daily maintenance, regularly check the wear and damage status of the sealing strip, and replace the severely worn sealing strip in time. This is the key to keeping the mechanical parts in good working condition.

In short, the sealing strip of construction machinery is a vital part of the mechanical components, and their selection and maintenance have an important impact on the life and performance of the machinery. We should pay attention to this, choose high-quality sealing strips as much as possible, and carry out regular maintenance and replacement.

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