Brief introduction of EPDM sealing strip


EPDM sealing strip is a frequently used product, which is made according to special processes and special materials. The role of EPDM sealing strip is to play a sealing role, which can effectively protect the performance of the vessel. It is an integral part of many products and plays a big role. In use, there are many problems that need our attention. When installing the EPDM sealing strip, spray a little soapy water. This method can make installation more convenient and more conducive to normal maintenance. Avoid direct sunlight and place it in a cool place, so that the EPDM sealing strip can exert greater performance and extend its service life.


For doors and windowsEPDM sealing strips are usually made of neoprene. Chloroprene rubber also has excellent corrosion resistance to mineral acids. In addition, because neoprene also has excellent flexibility and impermeability, it can be made into diaphragms and vacuum sealing products.

Many people think that the containerEPDM sealing strip is the lid of the export container, but it is not. The container EPDM sealing strip we are talking about is used on the door frame to protect the container from rain and wind. For internal cargo, our container EPDM sealing strips are also called container frame rubber strips and door EPDM sealing strips. The market generally uses two-in-one container strips, but this quality is not very easy to use, but the installation effect is very beautiful and generous.

There is also a container made of pure rubber.EPDM sealing strip. The rubber of this material has a long service life. One disadvantage is that the installation is more laborious. The above two points have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main container EPDM sealing strip on the market is a composite and pure rubber extrusion vulcanization production line. In order to meet the needs of different customers, we usually have a variety of specifications and models of in stock. Welcome everyone to come to buy.


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